Difference Between Electrical Contractor And Electrician

Electrical Contractors and Electricians sound similar, but they are not the same; they have different meanings. They both deal with electrical components, but their approach is different. In simple terms, electricians are referred to those who are professionally trained for electrical jobs while an Electrical Contractor is a business person who hires or employs electricians. To understand better, let's look into in detail about the difference between electricians and Electrical Contractors. Electricians are those people who install wires and other components that provide electrical powers to buildings and homes.

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These people take four years of training where they learn practically through on-the-job training. They are trained under strict supervision. To be a licensed electrician, one needs to get through an examination. Electrical jobs are precarious and dangerous. An electrician's job includes wiring, fire safety, and installation of underground conduits, material dealing, troubleshooting, and maintenance. In contrast, an Electrical Contractor is a business or an individual that is licensed for contracting businesses. They are ensured to provide electrical services like installing air condition units and power points, ceiling fans, modifying or installing switchboards, altering wires in a building, etc.

Certified Electrician St Louis Mo Contractors can hire or employ more than one certified electrician to do their job. To get a license for Electrical Contractors, they need to have at least four years of experience in a related field. To obtain a contractor's license, one needs to undertake specific training, have to get through some particular examinations, provide working capital, and lodge a cash bond. The name of the business and license number are the essential features in a contractor's certificate. Licenses are asked to be renewed every year in some states.

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So an Electrical Contractor is an electrician who has undergone additional training to get the contractor's license. They are also required to have insurance policies that can protect their employees or anyone involved. The electrical jobs that are done under the contractors are asked to be submitted to the Electrical Inspector of the state. This way, the Electrical Contractors' works are inspected regularly to ensure they follow the safety regulations.

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